Chatroom: Used Blu-ray

Chatroom: Used Blu-ray

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Chatroom: Used Blu-ray

When strangers Jim, Eva, Emily and Mo meet William online in his new 'Chelsea Teens!' chatroom, they're completely seduced by his fast-talking, charismatic character. But beneath the surface lies a much darker truth. William is a dangerous loner, a dysfunctional teenager channelling all his energies into cyberspace. He's become an analyser, a calculating manipulator who finds it almost impossible to interact normally with others in the real world, instead turning his hand to manipulating people online.

Movie Was Released In: 2010
Bluray Release Date Is: 2011
Bluray Is In:Very Good Condition
Classification: 15
Number Of Discs: 1
Region: B
Actors: Aaron Taylor Johnson, Imogen Poots, Matthew Beard
Director: Hideo Nakata
EAN: 5060018492100

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